The old tape-recorder runs amok

Do all these doubts and disbeliefs constantly bother you?

Dream Life?:  

Driven by your desire to lead a wonderful life and be a successful professional, you have not just worked hard; you have also been an ardent follower of all those new age mantras and affirmations.

In spite of your daily dose of ‘universal boosting’, regular visits to your dietician, beauty salons and the weekend confidence- uplifting seminars, if you are still leading a mediocre life, it is time to stop.

Naively meditating on positive thoughts will not actualize your dream life, you have to follow a regular regimen based on well founded and thoughtfully designed processes to makes those thoughts work for you.

Method to follow:

Grace Agarwal is here to mentor you through the pathway in achieving your life goals through her energizing program, “Live your Dreams”.

Realized through the prism of actionable thoughts, this unique program can actually achieve all that you once thought was impossible to accomplish.

Through “Live your Dreams” give yourself a ‘body to die for’, take that foreign trip you always craved about, take a step closer to your luxury apartment, become a diva and a party head-turner, and yes, don’t just sell, generate profits.

“Live your Dreams” allows you to quantify your determinations and raise your vibrations to the level where you will demonstrate health, wealth and joy.

Time to debunk the old and rewrite your new life goals:

Dreams don’t become a reality just by chanting affirmations. There are certain fundamentals you have to adopt to reproduce your desired reality. These processes erase any chance of randomness and mold the reality towards a desired outcome. Therefore, this program integrates the ‘Art of Mind Tapping’ with ‘Applied Science and Master Techniques and Methodologies’ to be implemented with discipline and focus.

Diverse yet similar programs:

Targeted at different audiences, each series of the program is complete in itself yet diverse from the other.

Let go off the clutter: 

Live your Dreams” program will free you from the actual clutter, emotional roadblocks and attitudinal blockages which don’t allow you to grow. Get rid of all the disorder in your life which now serves no purpose.

Throw away the old and make place for the new… Get ready for a dream life of unlimited happiness

You will:

  • Become an Alpha Achiever. Be known as one of the brilliant minds at work.
  • Get future ready and be ahead of your contemporaries.
  • Develop a strategic mind to sense disruptions and apply workable solutions to solve them.
  • Acquire a smart disposition. Be an effective team leader.
  • Build a powerful self image. Leave a lasting impression on whomever you meet.

Abundance and desired lifestyle now comes out of text book, into your life:

What are you waiting for? Illustrate magnificence, be an example for others to follow.

Doesn’t just picture a fantastic life…lead it. Experience the amazing session of “Live your Dreams”


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