“What you think and what you believe is what will come true for you! Your thoughts create your life…” Louise Hay                    

All of us want to lead meaningful lives. A life with a strong desire to realize all our dreams, fuelled by a profound need to leave a better future for our children.

Yet in reality, a lot of times, many of us are besieged by problems that make life a struggle and future bleak. When trudging along living a life “we did not order”, we can only keep on wishing that our life was better.

If only we could turn that flippant wish into a powerful thought, we will actually lead a life you desire.

Grace Agarwal, a holistic coach and a new voice of positive thinking, ushers you into the life of your dreams.

Putting to work her positive thoughts, she made a remarkable U-Turn from a childhood tormented with issues that left her with low self- esteem and a fractured self-image.


“It takes what it takes, to become what you want to become”

The paradigm shift

Embracing an epic challenge of “shepherding thoughts to create a life you desire”, Grace harnessed her untapped potential and fashioned a volte-face succeeding in the world of fitness, health, and beauty. Today she stands as a shining model and a living example of how we can reshape our life’s journey through hope and cheer.

Vibrating on a new dimension, Grace mentors on how to empower oneself to radiate in the outside world by radiating within.

A notable authority in corporate training

A recognized authority in the field of Motivational Speaking and as a Life Coach, Grace Agarwal holds impactful programs for Sales and Marketing team of reputed corporate houses.
She inspires and motivates, she kindles determination to achieve and succeed in the market place. She energizes several in attaining their self actualization and sharpens their competitive edge to optimize for peak performance.

With a list of impressive clients on her roster growing by leaps and bounds, Grace is today a favoured coach and a sales-guru at such seminars. Apart from group programs, Grace is sought- after for her one-on-one sessions and counselling where she emboldens us to do our best.

Style and Smile

Image consultant and a style diva, she counsels in styling and guides us to blossom into a mesmerizing persona of poise and elegance. She underpins her approach by our aiding inner transformation through our organic effort. This makes her pattern of styling class apart, elevating it into a charmed league of its own.


Furthermore, as a physiotherapist and a nutritionist, Grace believes that good health and wealth are hinged together on high voltage exuberance.

A firm believer in a holistic approach, she emphasizes the need to focus on thoughts of well- being for every area in our lives.

Reminding us that life is worthy of celebration, Grace Agarwal advances ahead with her invigorating program “Live Your Dreams” helping us mold our destiny with positivity and vibrancy.

“Live your Dreams” by Grace Agarwal





Working hours

09:00 to 20:00


Chembur, Mumbai