Coach on call

You are a Master Chef and totally devoted to nutrition and nourishing foods. You try hard to push down ‘healthy’ khaana down your friends’ throat which they detest. Where can you learn to prepare delicious healthy food…

You have always loved to dress in style. In spite of trying all the tips in vogue, “woh baat banee nahi”…Is there anyone you can turn to for improve your image?

You have always wanted to perfect your sales pitch. You have taken all classes, participated in various seminars, sessions and programs on “How to sell better”, magar you knew you missed the mark somewhere. Can someone mentor you?

Is it one of those days you are feeling low and lacking self esteem? If you go to a friend, they will give you advice and even try to control the situation. If you go to your parents they will give you a wagging finger “I told you so…” Where can you turn?

Your ‘Coach on Call’ Grace Agarwal will help you get through all the above and many more such life situations.

All you have to do is to call her!

With life so unpredictable, people always need a helping hand or just a second opinion to help get clarity on their thoughts. Grace understands the situation without judging, listens without interrupting, and figures out the best possible solution for you. Easily accessible, she mentors you through the ‘ups and downs’ in your life.

As a guiding force, Grace supports in boosting your positive energies and win in the test of life. She encourages you with a sense of well-being that will help you live a life of your dreams.

Holding your hand, she ensures that you sail through life’s troubled waters and emerge victorious. When you get bogged down, you know Grace is your “friend, guide and mentor” for the vivacity and true beauty of your life.

So, when you need more than a ‘chill-pill’ , pick up your phone and talk to Grace and she will guide you to a hopeful solution.

Our clients vouch for Grace’s impactful and life-changing advice as she reinforces your long-lost smile with a new-found positive self-belief.

So, with an undying spirit, take the first step. After all “The best revenge is living well




Working hours

09:00 to 20:00


Chembur, Mumbai