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When you weigh 121 kgs, you are not just heavy; you are also sad, depressed and alone.

Some years back that was me…121 kgs, sad, fat and lonely. I longed to look slim, feel good and sparkle with beauty and elegance.

That urge made me seek help to lose weight and I went on a spiraling merry-go-round consultation from one nutritionist to another. The more the consultations, the worse it got. I was constantly in an orbit with their differing opinions and lifestyle mantras. If one prescribed an ‘only exercise’ weight loss program, the other insisted on ‘just dieting’. It went on and on till one day I finally said “Enough!”.

I had enough of my visitations to all these nutritionists to lose weight.

I finally decided to tackle my ‘weighty’ problem by myself. I studied and sourced, researched and poured over volumes of material into the whys and hows of weight loss. In the process I even learnt about weight gain, sustenance, weight maintenance and so on.

I designed a program for myself which was neither boring nor difficult to follow. I became my own nutritionist.

I met with success.   With discipline and determination I soon went from 121 kgs to 61 kgs, looked good, felt heavenly and sparkled more than beauty. I was filled energy and realized that being your own nutritionist is truly empowering.

Now I want to empower all those who are struggling on a similar path. I decided to give them all a holistic template on how to take health and fitness in your hands and do wonders to themselves.

However, if anyone is following a medically prescribed diet, then this template should be followed under doctor’s supervision only.

So dear all, come join hands with me…our journey towards a fit life has just begun…




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