If you are one like me, reading and listening a lot of lifestyle change but dont know where to begin from ; these could help you as they are tried and tested and helped me overcome my frustration and gave me a way to better living:

  1. Any kind of fasting is great for humans as that is the actual detox. But to be done as per body understanding and not by being rigid. Body does good with fasting that’s for sure. If not fasting atleast being raw till lunch is a great option. So choose what suits your body ; is it dry fasting(no food and water) or intermittent(only water) or by being raw for the day or maximum part of day.
  2. Chewing food slowly is next thing to good health and weight loss. As it starts the digestion process in mouth and helps elevate metabolism and easy absorption and then elimination and prevents rise or spike in blood sugar levels.
  3. Anything that has fibre automatically will keep body clean, healthy and gut clear and aid in natural detoxification. It keeps all hormones in check. So diet rich in fibres will keep colon and in turn body healthy so vice versa diet which is fibre deprived will do the opposite. So all refined stuff that is all junk, refined and polished grains and flours, sugars, starches deprived of fibres will do only harm and so must be completely avoided.
  4. Dairy products again no brainer due to all tampering done to them to meet demand and balance supply must be avoided. So as the milk now comes with all kind of injections(oxytocin) and all unfavorable conditions in which the cattles are kept only makes it something now avoidable in our diet.

    But if you have been a dairy fan though i don’t promote converting to vegan or any such thing there are alteranates such as nut milks and products made from them or Organic milk(where you sure of the source from where your milk comes from i.e some farm which caters to gir cows and provide organic A2 milk) so that the products of that milk when you make are equally healthy.
    *to certain cases diary of any form is still asked to be avoided like when working on diabetes reversal, thyroid conditions, cancer treatment, hormone imbalance .. so please check with your doctor for this.

  5. Meat and sea food again is removed from diet for reasons of source of supply and places where they reared are not habitats which are for human consumption.

    I have understood that anything in extreme doesn’t work. So if you are a meat eater and try becoming vegetarian or vegan overnight , you will not follow it a day. So try by reducing and including whole foods in your diet and evaluate for yourself your energy levels and health and then you are your best judge.

  6. Man’s first food by instinct was whole plant based until he discovered fire and cooked food. For centuries he was on raw and plant based food. That is our natural instinct. He ate till light(before sunset) and then stopped so automatically fasted till next day sunlight. So our natural instinct and knowledge of food has been of eating raw and whole plant based and rest was conditioned over a period of time.
    So we all can include raw food in our day (it does not propagate going raw all your life 100 percent) , it just suggests eating raw as much as possible as it also gives you good amount of fibre which as discussed is amazing for body.
    So what better than being raw till lunch with fruits and nuts, then eating a big salad at lunch along with a cooked meal which is whole plant based(lentils, millets, vegetables) and evening a vegetable juice or soup with small meal.

At the end would just convey that work on inclusion rather than only exclusion, focus on what you can eat rather than being depressed on what you cant eat, focus on small changes rather than overnight transformation, and most important listen to your body, it knows what is best for you, with every change it will reward you with small positive changes in your body and well being and that can keep you motivated.

Remember most important thing is that you are doing it for yourself so be very kind to yourself. Babies take small steps, they fall, they get up and then they run but they dont give up. So its for your well being and happiness. Take very small steps, you might fall(deviate at times, cheat meals) but dont give up. These small steps will make you ultimately run towards the peak of being healthy and in your best of body shape and mental well being and most important happy. Its very important to be happy only then its a reward. Baby steps will ensure the whole journey be covered with only happiness.

I wish all a happy journey towards a great, fit and healthy life.