This is a phase typically between 45-52 years. Now due to stressful lifestyle it is noticed earlier in some women as well.

First we got to make friends with this as it is not a disease, its body’s natural process of aeging and and it is as natural as it was all years of being reproductive and fertile. We need to respect this fact and accept it with ease.

What brings in more problems is the media and all kinds of exposures. Earlier during our grandmothers and their mothers time we never heard of difficult menopause as it was never hyped and discussed. It came in as natural as onset of menstruation came in. Exposure is good but over exposure is int. Whats spoilt everything now is fear add, fearful talks by everyone around, over exageration of this natures process and most important linking everythin to drugs and medicine.

When body goes through aeging its natural for certain things in body to change. We just need to accept those changes, understand what needs to be eliminated, what needs to be included and just respect our body and its need. You will have smooth and very safe menopause and graceful ageing.

Many women develop thyroid, diabetes , depression, hyper-tension during this period because of the hormonal changes that body is going through and it being not addressed in the right manner. All you do is take care of whats changing, these elements will not surface.

Just understand that your body was different when you were a growing teen, to when you entered adulthood, to being mother and now when you enter menopause. Body goes through the changes internally and externally. We focus so much on external changes that we neglect internal factors completely.

You get depressed seeing mid-riff growing, hair greying or falling, sudden pain in joints and decrease in stamina that you just completely blame it to this. Body gave you enough time to prepare all the years to enter this transition smoothly , but that time we are ignorant as age is on our side and we get carried away with our lifestyles. There is no over night weakness of joints or hair follicles, it all started early when we were ignorant, its just that it showed its major symptoms when your hormones also could not support much.

As you approach menopause estrogen levels go down.. this effects calcium absorption and so we start feeling pain in joints and imbalance at times. Hormonal shift not tackled puts more stress on insulin and thyroid glands for survival and so we develop diabetes and thyroid. These factors in turn leads to weight gain, depression, anxiety, hypertension and so we feel menopause as a stress and as a disease.

There are certain dos and donts and which if followed this aspect can be dealt without any panic or stress. And most important do not wait till you reach there. Its important that you prepare your body and take care of it from the start.

Nutrition tips:

During this period body goes through calcium depletion so diet rich in calcium is most important. But also understand that calcium needs a very clean gut and Vit D3 for its absorption and so all factors go hand in hand.

Calcium rich sources are your sesame seeds, greens and all leafy vegetables and nuts and seeds.

Body needs proteins for its repair and to take care of strength and agility. Good source of protein is the key and quality not quantity.

Trace elements like zinc and magnesium are very important to keep energy levels up and body to its optimum functioning.

A clear gut is the key to remain fit and energetic. So a diet rich on raw food, fresh fruits and vegetable juices, nuts and seeds, probiotic and fibrous is important.

Exercise tip:

Body needs exposure to sun for vitD3 and that is best available morning 7-9 am.So a walk can be planned with some yoga in open.

Weight bearing exercises are most important during this time as they ensure calcium absorption and secretion and maintains body strength.

So yoga/ pilates/ weight bearing/ functional training are good forms to be a part of to ensure optimum body functioning.

Peace of mind:

Most important that you remain calm and composed and take things and moment as they come. Deep breathing ensures that body is well oxygenated and calms the nervous system.

Practicing meditation for few minutes help body relax and prepares it well to take this .

Gratitude is the key to happy mind. Be grateful for where you are and always see good in what you have. Things and perception automatically changes with Attitude of Gratitude.

Sleep for min 8 hours. Body needs good sleep for recovery and repair.

Last but not the least, accept this as a part of you and keep loving yourself unconditionally. It always begins with loving yourself exactly how you are in the moment and only then you see a better you.

So look in the mirror, hug yourself and say with me now “I love and approve of myself exactly the way i am and i am willing to make changes for my better health and life”!!