What is detoxification?
In today’s world where everything is fast paced, so is our food and eating habits. Food reports show that most people eat more ‘junk’ now then it was ever consumed. We make quick choices which are always due to time constraint and that could be packaged food, processed food, eating left over, junk, and all sort of unhealthy choices. This coupled with sedentary or I call it one hour exercise and rest sedentary lifestyle makes our body get full of unwanted elements which over a period of time starts becoming toxins to our body.

What are these toxins?
Bad choices in food, like processed food, fast food, junk, refined food, oily stuff and all that stuff that is deprived of nutrients at its base level.

Where are they in body?
Usually in the cells of the gut. The uncleared gut is the root to all problems in body. Its age old therapy to all solutions. Our ancestors have said a good gut is all you need for good health. And guess what its all about gut instinct, so if thats not healthy how are we going to get great ideas and good thoughts. We all know that we dont think in our minds. Creativity is from the gut.

What it does in long run?
It starts working like toxins in our body and slowing down the body’s natural efficiency of performance in day to day living.

How do we know if body is full of these toxins and if we need ‘de-toxification’?
When you feel all the time lethargic, irritated, more negative than positive, low on basic energy, fighter spirit is less and give up spirit is more, acne, indigestion, immunity lowering, prone to cold and cough much more, mood swings, depression, hormonal instability, weight gain, lifestyle disease thyroid/ diabetes and many such points will help you understand that its time now that body is calling to get rid of the “old”.

What is detoxification?
More toxins going out of body than coming in. This simply means allowing the toxins in body to get released and training body to stop the process of taking things which ultimately again would be toxic to body in long run.

Is it a one day or one time process?
No it isnt. No one green tea, juice, colon cleansing, water therapy, fasting can get your body all clear in just one go. Imagine its very simple. When you set to clean something that is being full of mess for quiet sometime can you expect it all clean in one go. This is then our body and our colon system is huge, then how just a one time process will get you all clear. But well begun is always half done so choose the right medium.

Ways to detoxify?
There are many and each one must choose what is suitable to their body. Research also shows that more the body is toxic, it will react much more to the procedure of detoxification.

  1. Most accepted and successful are intermittent fasting and dry fasting. When you fast you allow your body system to rest and start expelling its own toxins naturally. Minimum of 10 hours is needed for a good result. You could feel a little weak or not so good if beginner and remember healing and repairing would always show some rest signs so give your body good rest.
  2. Enema is most spoken in naturopathy as a medium to cleanse your system. It helps clear your colon and get you rid of stored waste. It has its own duration and protocol to follow.
  3. Hydration. Simplest, economical and easy to follow. Keeping body hydrated at all times will ensure that it eliminates its junk at good intervals.
  4. Fresh fruits and vegetable and raw meal. This ensures that system is at ease and no waste is getting accumulated and all the fibers in it help remove the stored toxins.

Which way to start with?
As mentioned understand how toxic you feel your body already is. Be true to self. Seek a doctor if need be as this is the right time to help body heal of all its internal impurities. As we keep our house clean in which we live to welcome good vibes and prosperity, so is with our body. This is the only place in which you have to live so its very important its clean and vibrant. A healthy body internally will feel healthy mentally and physically and this will help you in all aspects of life.

If a clean house can attract good vibes and prosperity, imagine what a clean body would for you?

Begin now. Choose what suits you and start.

My personal preference is enema therapy along with dry fasting and right choices in food. Choose yours and begin.

Also be patient, kind and loving towards your body. Give it time and allow the process to happen at its pace.

What are the results expected?
Weight loss, shiny skin, good hair, healthy body are just few benefits. What you will experience is much more and to each its own experience. But since most people start with intention of either weight loss or dis-ease reversal that for sure is bound to happen.

What should I remember?
Its not one time. Its like a course. Please follow it till you begin to see results and then do it periodically.

My therapy:

Enema for 3 mnths continuous and then once in 15 days.

Dry fasting once a week.

One raw meal a day

No processed food/ refined food or artificial sugars.

Enjoy and trust the process